Other Resources

Official City Documents

Helpful Maps

Newark-Specific Bicycle-Safety Information

BikeNewark’s two-page bicycle-safety document in PDF, which includes the following:

  1. 4 Safety Tips for Bicyclists
  2. What is a Sharrow? (and how to ride on E. Main Street, with QR code to video)
  3. Bicycling Safely from N. College Avenue to S. College Avenue (using contraflow lane, with QR code to video)
  4. Know the Law in Delaware: The Bicycle Friendly Delaware Act (with QR code to detailed brochure in PDF)
  5. Delaware Avenue Separated Bikeways (DelDOT’s page explaining the infrastructure, with QR code to the page itself)

Bicycle-Safety Videos

The Federal Highway Administration offers bicycle-safety videos and interactive resources for kids ages 5–18.

League of American Bicyclists Videos

13 Smart Cycling Videos in English and Spanish!
Seven of the videos are specific to motorists on how to share the road with bicyclists, and six are safe-cycling education videos for beginning and experienced cyclists.

Bicycles and Local Transit Buses

The following links provide information related to loading your bicycle onto DART First State and University of Delaware buses.

Commuting by Bicycle

Learn About Bicycling

Local Bicycle Clubs

Other Helpful Local Resources

  • Report a problem on city roads or state roads, such as a traffic signal malfunction, pothole, or debris in the bike lane.
  • Get—or fix—a bike, or help others do so. The Newark Bike Project offers “learn to do-it-yourself” repair facilities, bicycle recycling, and educational programs for the Newark, Del., community.
  • Learn about bicycle commuting and tax benefits, sign up for the Emergency Ride Home program or find a Bicycle Buddy commuting partner through RideShare Delaware.
  • Try biking and transit. All DART buses have bike racks and many Park and Rides have secure bike lockers.
  • Request a bike map, report a road problem or learn about Delaware bicycling laws through the Delaware Bicycle Council.