BikeNewark-related Projects

Delaware Avenue two-way protected bikeway

schematic of Del. Ave. project road cross-sectionOne of the recommendations in the 2014 Newark Bicycle Plan was to create a two-way protected bikeway (a.k.a. “cycletrack”) along Delaware Avenue. This would enable legal contraflow bicycle traffic flow from east to west in the heart of the city, which is needed as a lower-stress alternative to riding west with the sharrows on Main Street.

This project began to gain traction in June 2015 as BikeNewark (in its former incarnation as the Newark Bicycle Committee) agreed to make the Delaware Avenue cycletrack a top infrastructure priority. The City subsequently hired Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT) to do the feasibility study. BikeNewark members and partner liaisons were involved in JMT’s collaborative stakeholder work group.

The concept plan is now complete, and the project is now moving forward into detailed design. The “rough” schedule is to begin construction on Delaware Avenue in 2019. During the detailed design, DelDOT will work out the sequence of construction along Delaware Avenue. The repaving of Main Street is scheduled for 2018, so this project will follow the Main Street repaving.

Cleveland Avenue improvements

aerial view of Cleveland Ave.-Paper Mill Rd. intersectionAhead of a planned DelDOT pave and rehabilitation project along the length of Cleveland Avenue, slated for 2017-18, BikeNewark (in its former incarnation as the Newark Bicycle Committee) came up with a list of potential improvements to the corridor (New London Rd. to Kirkwood Hwy.) and urged the City to form a task force of stakeholders to help make some preliminary decisions that would benefit all.

The Cleveland Avenue Improvements Task Force met for eight months and subsequently presented its final recommendations to the City’s Traffic Committee for its consideration. In October 2016, the Traffic Committee approved all ten recommendations to be sent to City Council for its deliberation and decision.

City Council is scheduled to discuss and vote on these recommendations on Monday, July 10, 2017.