2018 Infrastructure Goals

bike lane graphicBikeNewark concluded the planning work of its Engineering Committee by approving infrastructure goals for the calendar year 2018 at its November 2017 monthly meeting. This is our big “wish” list, but it will help us focus advocacy efforts on behalf of the bicycling community—to help fulfill our mission to “improve bicycling forward in Newark, Delaware.”

If you’d like to help, get involved with BikeNewark.

2018 Goals


  • Evaluate addition of “Except Bicycles” signage on Ray Street at New London Road and McKees Lane at Cleveland Avenue for contra-flow bike travel.
  • Add “Except Bicycles” signage to current prohibitive turn signage on Amstel Avenue at Orchard Road.
  • Develop signage for low-stress Newark Bikeway central loop.


  • Add greenbacked sharrows in both lanes as part of plan for Main Street pave and rehab project.
  • Add sharrows southbound through the underpass on Casho Mill Road. There is currently a bike lane that simply disappears at the underpass without direction for cyclists.
  • Re-mark sharrows on the one-way section of New London Road between the CSX tracks and Cleveland Avenue.

Bike Lanes

  • Add bike lanes on South College Avenue in both directions where needed, remove 15 parking spaces to reduce potential conflicts with pedestrians on the narrow sidewalk.

More Complex Infrastructure Improvements

  • Convert gravel utility easement to all-weather surface from Creek Road to Fremont Road in Fairfield Crest (“Pomeroy Connector”)—currently in Parks & Rec budget for completion. 

Potential Long-Range Infrastructure Improvements

  • Install mini-circles on Orchard Road at Winslow and Sunset.
  • Add 5-ft. bike lanes on Hillside Road if possible.
  • Improve pedestrian/bicycle connections across bridge over Amtrak lines, specifically southbound attachment.
  • On STAR Campus, ensure there will be on- and off-road connections to all destinations.
  • Suggest a study of the South Chapel Street/Lovett Street intersection for the potential of a four-way stop with a yellow “Yield to Pedestrians” sign.
  • Study McKees Lane for potential connectivity.
  • Contact [DelDOT] and the City to consult about a project to align Wyoming Road intersection at South Chapel Street and maybe add buffered bike lanes between there and Marrows Road, as appropriate given the enormous width of the road.