Goals for 2019

  • Continue to advocate for the formation of a South College Avenue task force, which will examine and create a plan for the corridor (between I-95 and Main Street).
  • Continue progress on Newark low-stress bike network.
    • Implement signage for low-stress Central Loop.
    • Involve local businesses in funding.
    • Provide associated resources.
  • Focus on Lovett Avenue improvements, including intersection at Chapel Street.
  • Co-organize UD Bike Days with University of Delaware groups as a fall event.
  • Advocate for requirement of more and better bicycle parking by developers, including incentives for retrofits.
  • Begin discussing a long-term plan for off-road routes/trails in Newark.
  • Follow up on 2018 infrastructure goals not yet achieved. These include
    • Evaluate addition of “Except Bicycles” signage on Ray Street at New London Road and McKees Lane at Cleveland Avenue for contraflow bike travel. Status—still a point for discussion with City of Newark
    • Add “Except Bicycles” signage to current prohibitive turn signage on Amstel Avenue at Orchard Road. Status—needs to be proposed to Traffic Committee
    • Add sharrows southbound through the underpass on Casho Mill Road. There is currently a bike lane that simply disappears at the underpass without direction for cyclists. Status—signs have been installed but no new (clearer, more obvious) pavement markings
    • Re-mark sharrows on the one-way section of New London Road between the CSX tracks and Cleveland Avenue. Status—not done