Education and Encouragement

The Education and Encouragement committee 1) plans and executes opportunities to inform the public with regard to bicycle safety and local bicycle laws and 2) seeks to encourage the large percentage of bicyclists who are “interested but concerned,” with the intent of increasing the number of those who use the bicycle as a common mode of transportation for a variety of purposes.

Chair: Susan Grasso


The Engineering committee deals with infrastructure issues and looks for ways to improve conditions for bicycling within the built environment. Committee recommendations are discussed with relevant partner organizations, taken to the full partnership for discussion and approval as recommendations, then forwarded as such to either the City of Newark Traffic Committee or Department of Public Works and Water Resources (depending on which is appropriate).

Chair: Mark Deshon

Safety and Enforcement

The Safety and Enforcement committee works with local law enforcement liaisons to promote bicycle safety, safe interaction with pedestrians and vehicles, and sensible, prioritized enforcement. It also discusses issues related to current law in an effort to consider possible improvements.

Chair: Tom Price


The Evaluation committee collects and analyzes data to support existing and potential BikeNewark-related projects and develops periodic snapshots of progress in relation to the Newark Bicycle Plan.

Chair: Ian Peters

Membership and Volunteer Coordination

The Membership and Volunteer Coordination committee maintains a roster of all current members, their corresponding level of membership, and a list of volunteers. In addition, this committee is responsible for coordinating and following up with volunteer engagement efforts and sending membership renewal notices on an annual basis.

Chair: Caitlynn Strong


The Communications committee works to extend the reach of BikeNewark’s public engagement to the end that more people are informed and there is continual growing support for improving bicycling in Newark.

Chair: Karen Rosenberg