Candidate survey responses 2020 – Sinibaldi

1. In countless published lists of the best places to live, a common characteristic is a vibrant walking and biking culture. Why do you think that is?

Bicycling is an affordable, environmentally friendly way of active transportation for getting around Newark without having to using a car or bus; thus alleviating congestion and air emissions. Also, bicycling for recreation is an excellent way to get some exercise and stay fit.

2. Do you consider Newark a walkable, bikeable community? Why or why not? If yes, how do you plan to sustain this? If not, what can be done to make our city more walkable and bikeable?

I believe Newark is definitely a walkable, bikeable community. Infrastructure improvement could include improved bicycle to mass transit, adequate and secure bicycle parking, safer design and maintenance for all bikeways.

3. What do you see as the opportunities for bicycling to make a positive impact in Newark? What do you see as the problems associated with bicycling in Newark?

Pluses: Expanding/extending the Hall/Pomeroy trail – hard-ball and off-road, develop the [STAR] campus with trails/bikeways.

Minuses: Uneducated motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, inadequate bicycling parking in shopping areas, road hazards (trash, gravel, pot holes), Aggressive/speeding vehicles.

4. What are your ideas (if any) for how to improve the bicycling experience in Newark for occasional cyclists, bicycle commuters, recreational cyclists, and avid (very experienced) cyclists? (Please be as specific as you can for each group mentioned.)

Better maintenance of bikeways to keep them clear of debris and overgrowth of vegetation, better signage to indicate proper movement.

5. If elected, what criteria will you apply in order to decide whether to support a major road project (like improvements to South College Avenue)? What about for small road projects (e.g., addition of bike lanes, low-stress bike-route signage, or crosswalks)?

Gaps in bikeways, especially at intersections should be examined to take into consideration heavy traffic and congestion.

Better maintenance of existing routes and more enforcement of and education about bicycling laws.

6. Are you familiar with the Newark Bicycle Plan? If so, what do you think are its most important recommendations?

Improve bicycle transportation network, improve bicycle access to transit, improve safety for bicycling through design, and maintenance and enforcement practices.

7. Briefly describe your experience as a bicyclist (if any) over your lifetime and specifically in Newark.

I was raised in Newark, Rahway Drive in Cherry Hill, and can remember riding my bike everywhere, that’s how we got around. I can remember when Barksdale and Casho Mill roads were designated “bike routes” and made the trips to Fairfield shopping center & the Park-N-Shop much safer for us to get to.

Today, I still ride my bike with my wife, Wanda, and enjoy the Pomeroy trail, making pit stops at the Newark Shopping Center and Main Street.